Accidents never warn you before they happen, they just do. But when they do, they can be really stressful especially if the other party claims that it is your fault, when in all reality it is not. Such situations are very common and for the most part what happens in an accident is that both parties try to blame each other. However, if you see that the other party that is responsible for the accident is actually trying to accuse you of having caused the accident, you should make sure that you follow these tips in order to get to a solution that is fair to everybody including yourself.

Call for backup immediately after the accident

One of the most important things that you should do in any case without fail is calling in for backup. This could be your traffic offence lawyers Melbourne, the law enforcement authorities or even your family if that is what it means. But you should always immediately spend the first couple of minutes making the right calls so that you know for a fact that help is on the way there. After this you should try to take pictures of the scene as much as possible for references that can be given to your insurance company and even the police. Unless the police stops you from taking pictures, you should not worry about taking them.

What if you may have been drinking?

It could also happen that you may have had a couple of beers or so, but not enough alcohol to have caused an accident. You definitely know that you are not at fault and that the other party is trying to point all the blame to you.
If you have the contacts, call up any family lawyers Melbourne that you may know and ask them for advice on what you can and should do immediately. They will also be able to direct you on what you should not be doing as well. Knowing what you must and must not do until your legal backup gets there is very important in building your case.

Do not sign anything in a hurry

No matter how much pressure has been put on you, you should know your rights always. Stop and think before you sign anything and ideally until your legal help is there you should not even think about signing anything at all. Wait for an expert opinion and save yourself all the stress and trouble later on. These are some of the most basic things that you should be doing if you are being accused falsely of causing an accident.