A certain percentage of marriages ends on the divorce. Most of the people get divorce on the basis of a number of reasons like and due to financial conditions of one of the partners specifically the male partner and not having the understanding between the two partners and some domestic issues but some of the people do not go for the drywalls but they get the services off domestic violence lawyer in penrith who will not be guiding them about divorce and the and duties of child custody lawyer is of taking the custody of the child after getting divorced while the whole process of diverse is carried out by divorce lawyer. The process of getting divorced is not so simple and the duties of divorce lawyer is also not so simple number there are a number of compilation and specifications in doing so. In the following some of the responsibilities and the tasks are being mentioned which must be performed by the divorce lawyer:

  • The duties and responsibilities of the divorce lawyer into the performing role of attorney between the two partners like the attorney will be doing his best to get resolve all the issues arising between the two partners and causing them to get separated because separation will be causing a number of damages and disasters in the lives of the children if they have the children and this will not be easy for them to choose one of the parents to get live with. So the divorce lawyer is resolving all the issues between the two partners through communication and negotiation.
  • Annulment is one of the duties performed by the divorce lawyer and in this whole process there will be a breakup between the wife and the husband due to a number of reasons like hiding the debate problem with one of the partner like infertility having another extra marital relationship or any other disease So in the case of revealing of that secret the other partner will file complained in the court.
  • One of the main causes of the breakup between the two partners is the physical or mental abuse which he or she he used to do on his or her partner but sometimes the victim partner and does not want to go to divorce lawyer because they realized that breaking up of family will be affecting on the child very badly So they want to compromise with the same partner and they will go to the domestic violence lawyer who will be helping them out in preserving their rights before the court and partner who is committed of the abuse will be strictly prohibit to do so and also he will be strictly following the rules and regulations set by the code so that the whole family can spend their life happily and peacefully.

The divorce lawyer is also handling all the matters regarding the distribution of this assets and the property between the two partners who are going to be separated from each other.